Mexico City


Monterrey, N.L.

Our vocation is to manufacture heat transfer solutions.


We have facilities in Querétaro, Monterrey and Mérida.Those cities are distinguished as the cities in Mexico with the largest industrial infrastructure, life quality, telecommunications, innovative and potential.


We have more than 30,000 square meters of industrial buildings and green areas maintained with an irrigation system from a water treatment.

The products we offer meet the standards and specifications that our customers need, like UL and ISO-9001.


FB is committed with the future and we are certified as clean industry so we can offer products that are friendly to the environment.


Our equipment is designed according the Mexican and international refrigerant regulations and we don’t hurt the ozone layer.

We have also incorporated high efficiency engines to save energy consumption.


In our processes we do not pollute water or the atmosphere.


FB exports products to USA, Canada, Central and South America.


We are the leader in Refrigeration Products.


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